Step 1: Go to Website

Go to

Step 2: Login to your membership account

In the top right corner of the website, you will see a “Member Login” link. This will take you to the login portal. Enter your username or email address (whichever one you used to initially set up your dropship account). Then enter your password and click “Log In”.

Step 3: The membership portal

Once you have arrived to the Membership landing page, you can view recent orders, manage billing and shipping addresses, edit your password and account details.

Step 4: Select Your Products

Now that you are logged in, you will begin the product selection process. Use the “Buy Hair” button at the top of the page to begin your order. Select the hair products you would like to add to your cart and be sure to select the length and texture.

Please Note: When you price your bundles, make sure that you are familiar with our dropship pricing. Once you have been paid by your customer for the hair, you then order from our website and we ship to the address that you have specified. What ever monies are left over (from what you collected from the customer and what you paid to us to purchase and ship the product) is then your PROFIT.

***Pretty Hair Dropship serves as a platform for access.  Our sites are created to be very user friendly for you as well as your customer. Please familiarize yourself with the inner-workings of your site.  All price changes and product description is done by you, the Dropship site owner.  Your monthly fee covers your membership and access to your site.  If Technical Support is needed, there is an additional charge of $50/hour.  Step-by-step guides are located in the Membership section of the site.

Step 5: Review your cart

When you have successfully added all of your products to the shopping cart, you will need to review the order. If there are any changes that need to be made to the order, the shopping cart is where you should make these adjustments.

When you have confirmed the texture and length are correct, click “Proceed to Checkout”.

Step 6: Checkout – Billing Details

In the BILLING section you will need to enter YOUR billing information. When you have entered all of your details, click the “continue” button.

Step 7: Checkout – Shipping Address

In the SHIPPING section you will need to enter THE CUSTOMERS shipping address. When you have entered all of thier details, click the “continue” button.

Step 8: Checkout – Payment

Here is your last opportunity to review and confirm your order before the order is submitted. If everything is correct, choose your “Method of Payment”. Once the payment details have been entered, click “PLACE ORDER”.

Step 9: Order Complete

Congratulations! Once your order has been processed and ready to ship, you will receive a tracking number to forward to your customer.